Ending of CAPITA Nominee scheme for Aryzta shares.

Discussion in 'Investments' started by Gerdoy, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Gerdoy

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    Long story short.
    Family member has 150 shares (CDI's) in Aryzta held by CAPITA IRG TRUSTEES.

    Towards the end of May,CAPITA wrote to confirm the cessation of the Nominee scheme on July13th 2016.

    Four options were offered in the letter.
    1.Transfer directly into the Swiss market,via a CREST withdrawal process.
    2.Transfer and hold with an alternative CREST provider.
    3.Transfer to a Goodbody Stockbrokers Account opened under a special offer regarding charges.
    4 Sell before termination of scheme.

    On contacting Goodbody's by email,as advised,they stated that not enough time was available to open an account in time for the transfer date.

    Whilst my relative has a preference to retain the shareholding,it would appear that this is now impossible without significant cost.

    This leaves the final option of selling,via the Sale Instruction Form included with the cessation advice letter.

    Is there anybody experienced in such matters posting here ?
  2. Michael Connell

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    I am also in this situation.
    I have 330 shares held by CAPITA, and I emailed Goodbody's on Wednesday to request details of opening an account, and like you, I was told that I had left it too late.
    Unfortunately, I have no experience in these matters and seems as if I will be forced to sell my shares also.
  3. eggerb

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    Were all these forced sales on the same day in August? Can anybody confirm the price their shares were sold at? Was it transacted in euro? Thanks.
  4. eggerb

    eggerb Frequent Poster

    Does anybody have any idea what price these shares were sold at with the final / default exit option viz. forced sell?

    I know the commission charged was 1.5% but don't know what price the forced sale happened at. The forced sale was around mid August if the share owner did not reply to one of the options above. Thanks.