Employers to cover first 4 weeks sick-pay

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    ... evil employers are the people who actually offer opportunity to poor people whereas u.middle class socialists in labour would cross the street to avoid them...

    How true ! For 30 years my small shops were in working class areas - Tallaght, Ballyfermot, North Inner City- all staffed by locals who stayed with me for years. (incidentally the people my staff hated most were their own neighbours and relations on the dole, claiming all sorts of benefits and doing nixers).

    It's strange that I rarely had strongly opposing views from my staff and their families when we went out socially. But when it comes to my educated middle class nieces and nephews in their 20s and 30s -then I am the old uncle who made some money on the backs of others (it was a bloody travel agency for God's sake I shout).
    One of my nephews is a public servant, got a good degree through grants from the job (which the public pay for) and earns more than i did. And he waffles on about the "workers" !