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Discussion in 'Budget 2017' started by Merowig, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Merowig

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    Scenario: married - both qualify as first time buyer
    I pay here tax since 2005 - my wife left Ireland 2010 I believe and she returned November 2014

    First question:
    Is it enough that 1 person out of two has paid tax the previous 4 years to get the tax rebate?
    I paid easily more than 20k tax in the past years.

    Second question:
    It does not state that the mortage has to be taken in Ireland - so in case I could find a bank in Germany and take out there a mortage of 80% this requirement is still met?
  2. Brendan Burgess

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    Yes, it should be enough for you to have paid the tax.

    I doubt you could raise a mortgage in Germany on an Irish home, so the issue does not arise.

  3. Merowig

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    Thanks - I found it as well described later in the budget document that it is enough I paid the taxes for the past years.

    The second questions remains though valid.
    As I could not find something in the budget documentation yet that states it has to be a mortage with an Irish bank I believe it will be ok.
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