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Discussion in 'Home energy' started by spud26, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Hi there

    I am trying to replace a 20 year old storage heater with an electric heater. A couple of electricians have told me that there are now efficient electric heaters available, with climate control features, timers etc.

    However, I'm stuck between two brands. Have narrowed it down to Farho and Q-Rads (which are made by Dimplex). I can't seem to get a definite answer on which I'd the best, or is there much difference?

    I would appreciate any advice anyone may have!
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    I have only bad things to say about storage heating. And I was in a hotel in Ireland with the latest Dimplex, they were a disaster. The landlord had to be called three times while we were there and he told me that he'd installed the last brand (about 10 years ago) as it was a new build but they were the bane of his life. In addition the place felt cold. As is my experience of any building with them.
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    Electric heaters have been very efficient for a long time now, in that they convert almost all input energy into heat. The only real advancements in recent years is in the sophistication of the control system. Even the most efficient electric heating will still be very expensive compared to many alternatives.