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    would like to have a range in our kitchen but didn't include a chimney on our plans as we decided with both of us working we wanted something that was programmable/controllable and not requiring to be lit every evening when we got home. We had also decided on an 'anything but oil' policy for our heating system which meant that the oil aga was not an option.
    Therfore we had decided on the electric aga (my wife loves to cook and would embrace the whole aga cooking methodology, hence no need for an additional oven, kettle, toaster etc) but are now having second thought as we feel that it may cost too much to run. The AIMS system sounds good but are we still looking at running costs in the region of €35/€40 per week and this is just for your cooking??!!
    could I get a few opinions on the electric aga. Are people happy with their electric aga and what type of ESB bills are you getting.
    Can it be run efficiently to reduce its electricity bills to approximately €25-€28.