Eircom e-mail problem


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We are having problems sending e-mails from our Eircom.net accounts. (We have two addresses) They appear to send and we don’t get any message to say that they were not delivered but they are not received by the addressee. To date the ones not received are hotmail, aol, Tinet and companies who have their own servers. Have checked with Eircom help and they say as long as the email is being send that is the end of their responsibility. They suggested the mail may be going into spam or junk but this is a recent problem and the mail was always received up to the last couple of months. Would appreciate any advice.


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It seems to be a problem lately that eircom emails are being looked upon as spam. I'm slowly migrating to gmail as I fear that eir may not be fully supporting the service anymore.

Brendan Burgess

gmail seems to be the best and has the least problems.

A lot of automatic emails sent by askaboutmoney e.g. email reminders about passwords are stopped by hotmail and others as spam at the server, so there is nothing the recipient can do about it. I suggest them to register again and move to gmail.