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    Just wondering if anyone has used EDreams to book flights. I can get a return fare with them going to Berlin for 85 euro - out with Ryanair and back with Aer lingus. When I check the same journey with both airlines I.e. Depart with Ryanair and return with Aer lingus - same time etc., the price is 137 euro!! Not sure how EDreams can offer the cheaper fare. Before I book I just wanted to check if anyone has experienced booking with them.

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    Very good website,,,never had a problem with them!
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    You will find that the edreams "bargain" price will be increased when you get to the payment screen. They are well known for adding on admin fees and payment charges. Safer to book direct - Ryanair do not let edreams have seats at lower prices.
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    That is very true, accidently went to book a ryanair flight with them few years back, by time I got to the payment screen the price had nearly doubled, it was then I copped on I was on the wrong site:eek:
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    Wow, I'm glad I posted this and thanks for the response.
    I did notice the web address in Google which shows Ryanair.edreams.com!! I wonder how they can hijack the Ryanair name like that. Surprise Mick O'Leary is not on to them!
    Thanks again.
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