Dublin to London by Ferry and rail

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    Are there any companies, such as the late Slattery's Travel that organise say a 4 day package break in London via boat and train, with hotel in London, for pensionsers please? Fares on boat alone Dublin Holyhead are 68 per person, (no car) so wondering about the rail costs and a package would be simpler again.

    I believe also there is some magic travel system in UK whereby their pensioners get to go from their local station in UK to any station in RoI for a really cheap price too, I wonder is that one reciprocal? Thanks for any pointers in advance.
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    I'm not sure about inclusive packages but you might find this link of interest when planning your trip. The information was compiled by Thomas Bibby.


    From Britain you can purchase a combined rail/ferry ticket from any train station in Britain to any train station in Ireland.
    The cost from London is £30.50 sterling (one way) You can travel on any day, any date. This fare is for everybody not just pensioners but is not widely known.

    Another useful site for info is

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    Stena Line and Irish Ferries both have Sailrail information on their website (click here and here), and with both companies, Sail & Rail from Dublin to London costs from €40 each way. I've never used it myself, so I can't comment on quality etc, but certainly seems like good value if you're okay with the journey times.
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    Thanks Lasno and NovaFlare77. Delighted with that information. Will get on it straight away.
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    You may have to book a hotel separately

    To get to london- you could use eurolines bus from bus station in dublin from dublin to london victoria and back via dublin port and holyhead

    The prices are normally fairly cheap

    The only time you have to get off the bus in on boat
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    Thanks papervalue, glad to have that name eurolines bus in case they decide to go that route. Really happy with all the information. :)