Dublin letting agent fees


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A well known Dublin firm wishes to charge;

Letting & Mgm service fees (monthly) fee of 9% with a cancellation fee of 3% when we do cancel (in 2nd year reverts to a yoy 6%)
Marketing fees EUR150

Seems like money for old rope?


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I think it's close enough to the industry standard.

Don't forget VAT @ 23% on top of the fee.

A good letting agent is extremely valuable, if they source you reliable tenants and deal with the large number of tiny issues that come up.


I presume they charge you for getting a (new) tenant separately as well ? A few years ago I was paying 5% plus VAT for management and 5% plus VAT for getting a tenant for a year. If the tenant stayed they charged something like a €100 to get them to sign for another year. It's all tax deductible.

Seems like money for old rope?
It's an open market out there so why not try it yourself so ?


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I presume they charge you for getting a (new) tenant separately as well ?
The Let & Management fee normally includes finding the new tenant (let) and then the subsequent management (manage).

In Limerick I'm paying 8.5% + VAT for Let & Management for the duration of the tenancy. No other marketing costs. Other option was let only at 7% (payable for the first year only). At the time I got two other quotes (8% and 10%). When with this crowd as I had heard good references and liked what I heard/saw. They only focus on let/management and don't do sales like some places in Limerick do.