Dryseal roofing guarantees


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I put a very expensive flat roof on my house in 2017 - or at least I thought it was expensive it was 11.5k at the time. I am going to put the house on the market after Christmas and was gathering all the guarantees etc together in preparation. The roof membrane guarantee was for 20 years from Hambleside Danelaw, but in the small print it said that if you didn't get the roof inspected after 5 years, the guarantee reduced to 15 years. I just saw this in time as my roof will be 6 years old in October. When I went to get the inspection done, offering to pay the cost of 397 - the contactor won't answer calls or emails - I phoned initially about it, he answered, and then when I phoned to get a date for the inspection he didn't. My son was liaising with him also, and so he wouldn't answer a call from my son or I. Then my partner rang and he answers the phone. Then he texts to say he will do it. Then I text a few times for a date to do the inspection, but no response. Hambleside Danelaw the company who is supposed to guantee the roof through their contactor weren't really that helpful, and shockingly they said to me that if anything goes wrong with the roof in relation to bad craftsmanship from their contractor they are not liable, though they train their own contractors, and it seemed that from my conversation with them that they had no power to compel their contractor to do the inspection despite the fact that it says clearly that if the 5 year roof inspection is not carried out, it will reduce the gurarantee by 5 years. It was my builder who recommended Dryseal and said it had great backing from Hambleside Danelaw. Any ideas on how I can get my insecption done through their contractor and maintain my guarantee, or is there any one in the UK, or here, that I can complain to - Hambleside Danelaw are UK based.
Please me very wary of using this company Dryseal. They opened at 8.30 and I rang as it is my day off and I need to sort a date for my roof inspection. I had emailed without any replies previously. I work abroad so I need to arrange things in advance. The Manager of the company shouted down the phone that he couldn't understand a word I was saying, when I repeated what I had said, he stated the world and it's mother had an email from me - I sent two emails re sorthing this issue out. I said I was having difficulty contacting the contractor to give me a date and could he do so and let me, and he slammed down the phone on me. Shocking! Please be very wary of this roofing product and of Hambleside Danelaw. I am quite upset about this.
In the terms of the warranty, do they specify that you must use an approved contractor to carry out the inspection? If so and Hambleside Danelaw can't recommend another contractor to carry out that inspection, I'm not sure there's a lot you can do.
Yes, Leo. They specify it has to be one of their contractors. Their contractor in Ireland is refusing to come back, initially not returning calls or texts and now refusing to do the inspection becuae I contacted Hambmwside Danelaw to ask them if they wouks ask him to c9nracr explained situation etc but now he is refusing to.c9me st all, even though I was paying for inspection so it seems these warranties, even from large, spossedly reputable cimpan8es, are effectively worthless
A few thoughts.

1. With whom did you contract for the roofing job to be done ? Was it the builder and or Hambleside and or the contractor ?

2. As far as a potential purchaser of your house is concerned they will - or should - have your property inspected by their own surveyor anyhow. That surveyor will advise them on the apparent state of the roof irrespective of what the Irish contractor says to you.

3. The obvious hazard here is the reduced warranty period in the event of no inspection. The associated potential problem is that if there is any problem with the roof and it is not picked up the potential purchaser's surveyor might find it. This might knock something off the value of the property as it could constitute a defect.

4. BTW is the warranty restricted to you as the property owner or does it carry over to successive owners of your property until it expires ?

5. There seems to be a breach of contract here. Specifically, you seem obliged under a contract term to engage only the nominated or official contractor to do the inspection to maintain warranty validity for 15 years. By refusing to perform the inspection that looks like a breach of contract.

6. I would consider threatening legal proceedings against the parties involved for breach of contract. If there is no response you might consider getting your own surveyor to inspect.
Hi! Direct Devil I contacted the contractor who did the Dryseal roif. I emailed the builder re the issue with getting the inspection done - the builder employed rhe roofing contractor it looks from the guarantee that the guarantee goes with the house on yo next purchaser.