Downloading an app from UK app store

Discussion in 'Technology' started by ATC110, 1 Dec 2018.

  1. ATC110

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    How is this done? Tried signing out of Apple ID then linking from the app owner website but the same message is displayed "not available in your region"

    Is it possible to temporarily change App store locations or does a new account need to be created?

    If so, how is this done as there doesn't seem to be an option.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Zebedee

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    You could try using a vpn and choosing a server in the UK. I use a vpn for getting bbc iplayer (which bars viewing outside the uk). However I’ve never tried to get an app via this method.
  3. Jim2007

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    Not relevant, it about account id.
  4. Jim2007

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    Yes it is possible to change countries in you settings. However there may be unwanted side effects.

    Usually developers restrict access for a reason and unless you know the consequences, it is something to just do on a whim.

    Also be aware that other apps on you phone may react to the country change as well.

    I you would suggest you start by asking the app developer why it is not available in your region before doing anything else.