Double Oven to fit under Hob

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Noilheart, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I was hoping to install a double oven underneath a ceramic hob in my new kitchen but my y kitchen planner has told me that a double oven wont fit in underneath . At present I have a free standing cooker slotted in the space where I want to have a new ceramic hob and double oven built in. She said it is because the oven has to have a kick board underneath it. I can't see why it cant be put in and would appreciate it if anyone could explain or recomment one that would fit. I looked at Neff ovens only. Its a small kitchen and space is at a premium so I dont want to lose any worktop space by having the oven built in over any of the worktop. Thanks for any help.
  2. Male Doon

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    It is certainly possible to have an under-counter double-oven, asuming your work-top is a standard height, which it more than likely is if you have presses underneath etc.
    Perhaps you should look beyond Neff, maybe try other brands like Zanussi or AEG (the quality of the appliance is another consideration).
    I would suggest that you contact any well-known kitchen fit company (Nolan's, Tierney's, Kitchen World), they all have showrooms and would more than likely have these types of ovens on display...hope that helps.
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    I measured this recently and while alot of ovens are too tall there are some that will fit. You might need to modify the support area. It will most likely need a base to si ton that is at the same level as the top of the plinth.

    I went to the DID website and powercity etc and just took measurement. Choice was limited but there are some out there. Also, I think it was 2 small-medium ovens rather than the other option of 2 large or 1large 1small/medium.
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    I went with a freestanding ceramic hob cooker for this very reason (I wanted a grill/oven as well as an oven). As far as I remember it was also cheaper to with the ceramic hob cooker. Have you considered this? Mine still fits very neatly in the line of countertop.
  5. Sue Ellen

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    Exactly the reason why its not popular. Too small for possibly turkey etc.
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    most brands do "undercounter double ovens",they are 720mm high and a plinth goes underneath it.the normal double oven are 890mm high and are not suits for under counter.

    with these ovens,the 2 ovens arent huge and most brands might have only 1 model to choose from.
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    Can answer this question as it happened to me. I bought an under the counter double oven - Neff. I had also bought a gas hob(Neff), but what happened was that the gas hob ended up having to be exchanged. The oven came up too high under the granite worktop and would not sit flush with the granite worktop so ended up being raised.

    I moved into a new house and the space was there for a single oven (it was a doh moment for me and I just did not realise this) and I went ahead and bought double oven not realising. It was only when I was trying to fit it that this came to light. The oven did fit snugly on the raised plinth that was cut out for the cooker.

    I ended up having to take the gas hob back and went with a with a Zanussi ceramic hob, and it was almost the only one that would fit and still look flush (it was very slim) I think the issue was actually compounded because I had the granite worktop, as far as I can remember it was slightly less deep than the normal worktop, so things would not fit, just by a few milimetres.

    So the answer is yes a double oven will fit, but your choices will be restricted. I can let you have the number of the neff model, if you are interested. I think it is the one that is usually used at eye level.

    Am still glad I went for the double oven, even though I would have preferred the gas hob on top.
  8. JoeB

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    yes, having checked a cataloue it is definitely possible to get a 720mm high double oven that fits under the counter, and the hobs sits within the worktop (if 40mm deep, some are 55mm deep and so they'd protrude under by 15mm or so)

    A standard single oven has a capacity of 53 to 58 liters or thereabouts...

    A standard double oven has two ovens, one is 53 to 58 liters as above, the second is smaller at 34 liters or so.. these oven are 880 tall or so and will not fit under the counter.

    A smaller, under counter, double oven has two smaller ovens, the larger oven is 42 liters, down from 53 to 58 liters above... the smaller oven is still 34 liters capacity or so.. these ovens are 720mm tall and fit under the 890mm counter, above the 150mm kickboard, and it should be possible to fit a 55mm hob above although some tweaking may be reqiured...

    These figures are from the Gorenje cataloge...

  9. Noilheart

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    Thank you all for your replies - I will have to go out and look at some ovens. I could go for the smaller double oven to fit under the counter but am afraid a large turkey would not fit into it. I am going to have a look at free-standing cookers now as well.
  10. Noilheart

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    Hello again folks,

    I still haven't got around to choosing the new cooker. I've been out to a few places and have my eye on a Smeg free-standing cooker. It has a stainless steel finish and I never had anything stainless steel. The website says that because it is stainless steel it would be hard to keep clean. Would any of you have experience of how hard it would be to keep clean?
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    It is very hard to keep stainless ovens clean they tend to show up finger marks and every small grease stain.If you are going to get stainless steel look for the products which have a dull or "brushed" finish rather than a shiney finish When cleaning SS baby oil is very good
  12. Noilheart

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    Thanks for your help dinjocurry, I'll take that on board.

    I have to say I am not impressed with most of the designs of free-standing cookers nowadays. They have the knob controls right in front and this causes them to get burned when you are taking the pots off and the pots hit the knobs accidentally. Also having the knobs in that position means that the top smaller oven with grill is much lower down and the grill is not as comfortable to use. Also the main oven is down too near the ground. I think design has gone backwards with much of the appliances of today.