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Discussion in 'Askaboutlaw' started by Joshnot, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I am named as executor with another family member for our mother's estate. Problem is I have other commitments and cant make the 2 or 3 trips down country it will entail to extract probate (we are going the Personal route). How do I stop being executor? Other executor is quite willing to go it alone.
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    The willing executor can simply go it alone;

    On the various forms, he\she states that he\she is making the application as one of the executors named in the will "reserving the right of xxx the other executor".

    Alternatively, you can renounce your appointment as executor and this renunciation can be exhibited in the willing executors oath. I imagine the probate office staff will be able to assist with the forms.
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    Provided no work has been done on the estate to date, AFAIK. If it has, go with the first option above.