Does anyone rely fully on their Credit Union current account for day to day banking?


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I wonder if they mean that if you lodge a third party cheque, and it bounces, that there is then a charge?


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They provide a current account but no debit card. So if I want cash, I have to go to the branch.
This really depends on what exactly your definition of a "current account" is.

Capital Credut Union, along with most, provide full SEPA functionality, and Internet Banking. So you can make and receive payments, use your account for direct debits, etc. But there's no debit card.

Link it up with Revolut card, and you've free banking. But as @niceoneted mentioned, you don't have real-time transfer to Revolut, because you're relying on SEPA transfer cycles.

Here's directly from Capital CUs FAQs;

"The first is that we do offer a current account facility which is free of fees and charges. It operates in exactly the same way any current account does but just doesn’t have a debit card facility. Any direct debits can by routed through this and wages can be paid into your account with us as well. This means Members can use their account with us for their wages, savings and loans whilst using a free debit card account (e.g., Revolut) for their day-to-day banking. Our online facility allows Members to transfer to these external accounts at any time."