Does a downstairs toilet have to be on an outside wall?

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by ice, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. ice

    ice Frequent Poster

    I want to put a downstairs toilet under my stairs.

    My other half says that you can only put a toilet on an outside wall or under where the upstairs toilet is?

    Is this correct ?

    My brother said you can pun the pipes from anywhere? If this is it a big job?

    So who is right ????
  2. sydthebeat

    sydthebeat Frequent Poster

    no it doesnt have to be... but if possible should be.

    If you are putting a new toilet into an existing house and not at an external wall, then you are in for a world of work.
    Unless you can run the new soil pipe across a floor and out, you need to rip up existing concrete floors.. .and pipe through existing rising walls.... not for the fain hearted.
  3. becky

    becky Frequent Poster

    I live in an apartment and only have the extractor fan. If ye can at all have a toilet with a window.
  4. joanmul

    joanmul Frequent Poster

    Why don't you put an electric toilet in?
  5. mathepac

    mathepac Frequent Poster

    Is that one of them "small-bore solids-muncher" type things?
  6. DavyJones

    DavyJones Frequent Poster

    You can put a toilet in anywhere these days, Saniflo make "small-bore solids-muncher" type things that can pass the waste out through a 3/4 inch pipe. it can pump the waste up,over or whatever from en-suite or wc. they do make noise though.