Dodgy website refund - paypal or CC company

Discussion in 'Banking, credit cards, etc' started by Madra, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Madra

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    I recently bought off a website but have read since they are a bit dodge to be honest. I have not received any update from them apart from saying they received my order and will notify me of when it id shipped. I paid using paypal but they've already taken the payment and I have opened a pay resolution ticket with them. The charge left my CC to paypal on the 20th of December and was wondering will the CC company put a stop on it if I ask them given that there is no communication happening about my order with the actual seller ? Anyone bypass Paypal and just go straight to the CC company successfully ?
  2. rob oyle

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    I don't think there's much point in going to the CC company - it was PayPal that took your money from the CC and your primary issue is with the seller, not PayPal. This should be resolved through PayPal's issue settlement procedures.
  3. PaddyBloggit

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    You'll have to go through PayPal but you'll also have to prove (screenshots, emails etc.) that you've made an effort to resolve this with the seller.

    PayPal will contact the seller and if they don't get a satisfactory response from them they will refund you.