Documents to show home ownership

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    We purchased our house back in 2005. Our solicitor is no longer in practice. What kind of documents should I hold to show that we own the house? We are still paying a mortgage on it. I don’t think we have any documents.
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    If you have a mortgage, then the Bank holds your Deeds.

    You can do a Land Registry search here

    It will show if your title is registered.

    If your title is not registered, then the title deeds with your bank are evidence of title.

    If you need proof of ownership, your bank will release a copy of the deed under which you purchased the property, to you.

    They will also release all of the Deeds to another solicitor on ATR- Accountable Trust Receipt. For obvious reasons, the bank do not release Deeds to borrowers unless the mortgage has been paid off.

    If you have any suspicion that your Deeds are not with the Bank, I suspect you would have been so advised by the Bank before now.

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    follow this up. A few year back in the economic bust when some solicitors were using the deeds of clients to remortgage their homes I decided to contact my mortgage lender to see did they have my deeds. Because my direct debit was paid each month they were not bothered to chase up my solicitor until I kicked up. I was 10 years into the mortgage and they final paper work was not done by the solicitor and the bank had never followed up their own letters to him.