Do I need Planning Permission??

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by TheBlock, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. TheBlock

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    Hi All
    I am living in a terraced house (North County Dublin) with a substantial back garden. The wall of the rear garden runs along a cul de sac shared by only three houses mine being one. I was planning to knock a portion of this wall an install an electric gate to create vehicle access (Parking) to my rear garden. Two question really does anyone know if I will reqire planning permission and secondly does anyone know the approx cost of an electric sliding Gate?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kiwijbob

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    New vehicular access will require planning permission, no doubt.

    cost, don't have a clue
  3. DOBBER22

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    You could price this company to at least give you an idea of how much the electronic gate will cost, ask your local council office about the planning they will advise you.

    Good Luck ;)
  4. bulet74

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    Just a question in general about party walls, maybe for kiwijbob?
    If I wanted to take down a section (approx 8-10ft) of a party wall 6.5ft high, 35ft long, seperating mine and my neighbours back gardens, would I require planning permission? Assuming of course that this section would be rebuilt.
  5. bacchus

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    1- why do you want to take down a section to rebuild it? is it for temporary access?
    2- if you rebuild it exactly as it was, you do not need planning permission.

    I am sure you have checked that your neighbours are OK with it.
  6. kiwijbob

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    agree with the above, as long as you are not changing the line of the party wall and not building your own version of a 20ft prision wall :D
  7. bulet74

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    I posed this query, as my neighbours (quite efficently - while I was at work) took down a section of wall at the end of our gardens, and proceeded to build a bl**dy great big shed, no consultation, and needless to say I was none too happy.
    The wall did get rebuilt, to almost the same height. Just wanted to know what the situation was - thought it very bad form.
  8. kiwijbob

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    now you say they built a shed? when they built the shed it shouldn't have been built on the boundary wall which is 50% yours remember!! and they really need your permission to do so! I'm also pretty sure the limit on a shed not requiring planning permission is 25m2 floor area, I'd have to recheck that one though. Really you should just swallow these minor things as it isin't really worth the bother and the hassle it would cause with your neighbour to take through the council / courts.
  9. bulet74

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    The shed doesn't abutt the party wall, it stops about 1-2 feet inside their boundary. Couldn't guess the floor area - might skip across the wall and measure up some night :D
    I've pretty much swallowed it, but quite annoyed about their approach, It's my first home - so much for "a beautiful day in the neighbourhood"!
    Now - where'd I put that sledgehammer! :eek: