Dispute with Debenhams instore advertising

Brendan Burgess

I had a row with Debenhams yesterday.


I bought a shirt for €62 and looked around to see if I could bring it up to €90 . I found a shirt for 28.50 .

They refused me the discount as the €28.50 shirt was from a concession - Craghoppers.

I said that the sign was clear. They told me that the small print was clear.


I told them that the sign was clear and they could not make exceptions based on unreadable tiny print.

I have no problem with their pricing policy, but their ad should read

"€25 off when you spend €90 on selected Menswear lines"

I asked for the floor manager who dismissed my argument. And then for the store manager but she was off yesterday.

Where to next?

I don't think that the ASAI deals with in-store advertising.



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Or do what I did, vote with your feet and never shop there again. I hate their pricing policy, and everything is always "reduced", on sale, or multibuy. I find their own brands to be very disposable, and prefer to support my local clothes shops, where I can pay a small bit more but get much better quality which lasts longer and therefore is cheaper in the long run. Their more classic menswear , Hamiliton I think it's called, is inevitably polyester. And their cheaper casual wear (Blue Harbour) will fade/bobble.

Other staples e.g. undergarments, I get in M&S :) (I know it's not local but, it's M&S for Gods sake).

/Rant over :mad:


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Debenhams and many British chain stores (Currys, DFS etc) are all the same.

The simple answer is never buy from them

DFS are the worst - 50% off "after event price". Some people think they are getting something for half price.

In terms of dept store, Debenhams are always at the same lark. Tiny asterisk on the main text followed by miniscule print with indecipherable text that absolves them for offering you the promotion unless you have jumped through several hoops whilst holding two cups of water and your hands tied behind your back.
Personally i think that so many people have got tired of this false advertising that they just don't go there anymore and this is one of the reasons from the current difficulties.

And don't get me started on their 1.55/1.60 Stg-Eur exchange rate. That €62 shirt is probably £39 in their UK stores