Dingle restaurants and pubs

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    Hi and am heading to Dingle next week for a few days and am wondering are there any hidden gems as regards restaurants or eating out at a reasonable price that I should know about?
    What are the best pubs for craic and music and not only trad but any music?
    Thanks all.
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    Global Village is excellent for food, despite its name, which put me off initially.The Dingle Pub is a big trad place, while An Droichead Beag is the only late bar in Dingle AFAIK. Its on the way to Hillgrove so you can stay there if you dont fancy paying into nightclub. Most of pubs are small and fairly busy at weekends, however midweek wouldnt be bad. I like Foxy Johns, Currans and Dick Macks for good stout.
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    dingle is about the most expensive town in ireland to visit , beautiful and all as the surrounding areas are , its got to be seen to be believed , nowhere will you see a greater concentration of what people presume to be the stereotypical yankee tourist either and this is exploited to the max , spent a little time there last summer while touring kerry and west cork

    no such thing as cheap in dingle