Key Post Deposit Interest and Tax Liability Beyond D.I.R.T.


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Yes, from 2014 you have to pay PRSI in addition to DIRT regardless of your income and tax status (unless you are over 66 and below an income threshold). I don't think Revenue have announced yet how the PRSI is to be collected, so not clear whether you have to do a tax return.

I had read that there was an Income Threshold of €5,000 per annum below which a person is not liable to PRSI. The Deposit Interest I would earn would be below this figure. Has that been abolished then ?

As I do not pay PRSI at the moment will I then be entitled to some sort of PRSI Credit / Contribution if paying PRSI for 2014 ?

Dawn Run

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Hi Greekwife,
I read somewhere at the weekend that the threshold is €3,174.00 - if you are under this figure you are not liable for PRSI or USC etc. DIRT tax will be deducted at source.



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Thanks all for your help, much appreciated. I will request my local tax office to double check everything again. Actually it was on the gross interest earned (i.e. before DIRT was deducted) that the revenue charged PRSI, Tax and USC .

I am currently doing my form 11 through ROS (for the first time). Seems ROS is also counting my gross interest as income and charging me tax and USC against this gross. But they are giving me a credit for the DIRT paid.