Departing tenants wishing to change date.

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    Hi all.

    I have a bit of a crux. I wish to sell my investment property and have given my tenants the required notices. The date I have specified is 01/04/19. Tenants have now come back to me seeking to stay on until 01/06/19. How can I work this ? In such a way that they don't get any new rights and entitlements. They also specified that they would pay the existing rental for the extra length of stay. I'm planning to put the property on the market at Easter but I'm not sure it will shift straight away. What is the best route ?
    Stick to original date, move the auction entry date.

    All thoughts welcomed.

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    Are they good tenants? Are you in a rush to sell? How fixated are they on leaving in June rather than April? Why do they want to defer the date?

    I presume you have done everything by the book and could stick to April. You have given plenty of notice.

    However from my letting experience I would try to avoid disputes. If it goes to the RTB they could be there well after June by the time it gets resolved. Also if they are annoyed they may not look after the place etc. Additionally even if you are in the right disputes end up costing you.

    The other problem with sticking to the original date is that they may not cooperate if you are planning to open the house for viewing before they leave. Therefore you may not be able to begin the process until after April anyway.

    I had tenants who wanted to stay forever. They were reasonably good tenants but were annoyed when I told them I was selling. However I provided a small financial inducement if they cooperated with viewings etc. They did and they cleaned the house from top to bottom before each viewing. As a result they were out by March and the house was sold two weeks later.

    So it may be worth trying to compromise at first anyway before you take further action.
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    Do you have time to serve a second Notice of Termination with a date of 01/06/2019 ?
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    Hi all


    That's what has crossed my own mind also. I'm inclined to follow your lead, just don't want them to acquire any other rights that might delay things more,simply because I allowed them to stay for two more months.

    Would prefer to stick with process to date if I can.

    General update.
    The house opposite mine has gone on the market since last night. More or less same condition as mine but currently vacant. Asking price on auctioneers website is approx 30k above where I had planned to set my one so might suit to let them stay and see what the market does.