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    Thinking of booking 3 nights in delphi spa for myself and mrs as her b-day pressie. Its very expensive (€410.00) pps, incls breakfast, 2 dinners and some treatments in spa. Its supposed to be fantastic - anyone ever been? Any advice/comments?

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    Well I'm certainly glad you realise its very expensive as this indicates you are well on the road to recovery.

    Any possible relief you would get from their massage would be instantly removed when they present you with such a bill.

    You could take her to any of the fantastic Spas in Asia for that price these days.
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    Delphi is not very expensive for what it is. It is built to a very high standard; the food is apparently top class; but the big big cost in all of these places is labour. Sure, you can get lower labout costs in Asia, but its on the other side of the world.

    I haven't actually been to Delphi, and am relying on third party reports about it. To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't spend that kind of money myself (thought about it - even got the brochure- but impending arrival of baby saved having to decide against on grounds of cost so can continue to pretend to self that its exactly the sort of thing I deserve). But there is, it seems to me, something inconsistent about wanting to consume luxury products whilst balking at a price which is, when all is said and done, fairly reasonable taking into account the cost of labour in Ireland. It is, in a way, akin to saying that we want low wage/poverty stricken economies to exist for our pleasure. OK, I am stretching the point a little, but I would rather go to Delphi and know that I am paying someone properly than go to Asia and feel (just a little) exploitative.
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    Dephi Spa

    I'm not concerned about the price (within reason!) as long as I'm getting value for my money - thats what I was really asking
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    not concerned about the price

    €800 is a lot to spend on a little stress relief. No wonder prices in this country are so high.

    You could treat your partner to a floral bath with a few candles followed by a Lulur Scrub at home if you wish and denote the €800 to to a charity helping those whose main worry is their next meal. If thats within reason.
  6. Re: not concerned about the price

    Jim - you're a man after my own heart. But then again I'm the sort of person who find some of the following tips interesting. ;)
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    Its very expensive, bordering on rip off. Why is everything in Ireland so expensive?
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    Yikes 'O' thats SAD

    I kind of find that interesting too

    Something to do with electronics and minimal hardware design ? ;)
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    Sounds ok to me...depends really on how many treatments are being 'thrown in' - these would be 40 euro a pop at least. I've been to Delphi and it's fab.
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    it got top class reports on 2 different holiday programmes they were both English and thought it was a good value break if you can afford it then go for it she is a lucky wife