Degiro vs TD investing vs Interactive brokers fees

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  1. Tastebuds

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to compare a few brokers before i make my first investment in US domiciled ETFs
    • Degiro 2E + 0.04%
    • TDinvesting flat rate of E20 for a standard account
    • Interactive brokers (based in US but accept Irish resident accounts). Price is 0.005/ share.
    Comparing TD and Degiro
    • if investment = 45K: Degiro and TD have the same fees. Degiro fees= 2 + 45000*0.0004 =20E
    • if investment <45 K: Degiro is cheaper than TD
    • if investment >45 K: TD is cheaper than Degiro
    Interactive brokers charge fees depending on the share price, but in the examples I saw the fees would be lower than Degiro and TD

    Does this make sense?

  2. RobFer

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    Degiro also charges a 'Setting up trade possibilities' fee. It is €2.50 (max 0.25% of portfolio) per year per exchange excluding your home exchange.
  3. Joey101

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    You'll also need to look at the margin each broker take for converting your currency to USD say if you want to buy US stocks. I believe Degiro are cheaper than TD for this
  4. Tastebuds

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    Also, Degiro does not do dividend reinvestment. I believe TD does
  5. Tastebuds

    Tastebuds Frequent Poster

    For that one TD would be better in my case, because i already have a USD account in Irleland. Unfortunately, Degiro only accepts EUR deposits and they will to the currenty conversion themselves. TD conveniently accepts USD deposits so no currency conversion fees apply