Deferred Pension options post Brexit / advisor required.

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    I would like to transfer my deferred pension to a Personal retirement bond and avail of a lump sum tax free in the process. Can anyone recommend a reliable Pension/Financial advisor in the Limerick area? Thank you.
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    Hi Pauline,
    as so far you have not got any recommendations for a 'local' adviser; we always suggest you are probably better off with a 'good' adviser rather than a local one ( though good and local would be ideal ...)
    Have a look through the various pension forums and you will come across plenty of advisers who try their best to help users of askaboutmoney. See the comments provided and try to guage what comments look sensible to you , call a couple of those advisers and see how they charge and how they will add value to you. Thats a good a starting point as any.

    All the best Vincent