Deceived into unknowingly signing an unread contract

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    I went on an orientation day/interview along with others. After general talk to all, we were told we would be seeing an individual official for a one-to-one and be processed for travelling expenses. "Sign this" I was told by the official, assuming it to be for the said travel costs I did so, on a folded A4.
    On leaving, I overheard others saying that it was a work contract. I returned the next day and asked for a copy of what it was I had signed. It was a contract, a disadvantageous low paying one for a real crappy job anyway.
    A contract, to be valid requires an offer, consideration and acceptance. What they did was both idiotic, illegal and perhaps desperate. How do you properly rescind a signature and deal with the matter oneself? What legal steps might one take if necessary? No abusive, time-wasting, compulsive old hands this time please.
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    if you've signed a contract for a job, hand in your resigination if you don't want to do it
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    Ignore previous - fat finger !!

    OP, you will be presumed to have knowingly entered a contract. The prospects of getting it rescinded would be poor. The responsibility of getting it cancelled as a matter of law would lie with you. If it is a contract for something not worthwhile thedaddyman's advice would be sensible.

    It is difficult to get a contract cancelled. You would have to prove something like mistake in the contract law sense.

    Not chipping at you but this does prove, yet again, the importance of reading before signing. Against that, I appreciate the practical situation in which you found yourself. Incidentally, I would wonder about the wisdom of working for an outfit that seem to be as slippery as your post suggests :)