Debit Credit Payment terminals


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I am looking for advice on the best value online card payment terminal, our volume for card payments is low, lets say 10 per month avg payment 200 to 1500, Currently we use Global Payments online terminal & AIBMS, Option to take website payments is there but this is not really suiting our line of business, i need to look at something of better value, maybe someone has done prior research and would make recommendations
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Contact AIBMS themselves, or look at Payzone who are now owned by Aib.

You’ll be charged about €20 a month for the terminal and then between 0.5% - 2.5% commission

A higher commission is charged on corporate cards, so if you do a lot of b2b transactions, your average rate will be at the higher end. (this is how the "free" travel insurance and other perks of business cards are paid for)