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  1. I am trying very hard to organise a holiday to the Dead Sea, which is good for psoriasis.

    No co. in Ireland seems to organise it, and so far I've had no success finding a tour operator in the UK.

    Can anyone suggest a tour operator or know aomeone who has been to the Dead Sea?

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    Dead Sea

    You can fly to Amman, pick up a car rental from Hertz and drive to the dead sea in an hour or two.

    Last time I with KLM via Amsterdam.
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    Dead Sea

    You could also fly to Eilat holiday resort and drive
    up to it from there.
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    Dead Sea

    I have Psorasis and was at the Dead Sea a few yrs ago. I dont think you need to organise a specific tour package. I simply went from Jerusalem by taxi having picked up a flight in london, There are hotels nearby which you could probably find online easily enough. And, given the political situation in Israel,and its effects on the tourism industry there I dont think you'll have a problem finding a free room at a good price. By the way, if you do decide on a taxi , haggle and agree price before you go. Come to think of it, haggle for everything in Israel!