Davy Select changes/increases annual fee structure

rob oyle

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Davy Select are changing their pricing structure from the start of 2019.

At the moment, all customers pay €20+VAT a quarter. From January, a maintenance fee of €50 will be charged for every quarter in which transaction fees do not hit €50. This will hit small shareholdings or any relatively inactive users.

This means a fee chargeable in any quarter in which the equivalent of c.€10,000 of shares are not bought and sold.

Time to shop around for any Davy Select users and see if it's still the most suitable platform for them.
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I have shares with Davy and don't trade at all. I am just holding them long term and will be hit with a considerable increase. Is there a cheaper option or should I just ask them to issue a share cert and hold them myself?

I am currently paying 50-60 per year (can't remember the exact amount).


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Degiro or withdrawal to certificate stock. However, to sell the latter, you'll need a broker willing to transact certificate stock. Some large companies may offer a nominee account through the registrar.