Data from one Garmin Sat Nav to another

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  1. boconnor

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    Hi ,
    Is it possible tp transfer all my saved sites from my old sat nav to a new sat new nav. ??
  2. onq

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    You could try this

    Connect to your old GPS via USB on your PC.
    Go to the /GPX/ folder, and the CURRENT.GPX file
    Copy it to your desktop and plug in your new GPS and copy the file over.

    If you've already got some places in the new one you may need this

    I got the above information from another site so cannot vouch for it myself.

  3. Eithneangela

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    Onq, you sound like an an expert on this technology. I'm looking to buy satnav as pressie for hubby - we drive a lot in Europe and also in the States. Is there any satnav out there which has preloaded software to handle different continents?
  4. onq

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    I'm no expert on Garmins or GPS systems.

    For the record, I used to ride a motorcycle so even having a map is a luxury to me. LOL!
    I have a good sense of maps scales, I like to prepare well for the journey,and I prefer to ask for directions where I can - you get to meet a lot of local people that way. :)

    Anyway to answer the previous question I just asked my friend Google.

    As to your question, does this answer it?
  5. Leo

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    Please don't hijack threads.
  6. Frank

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    I used a program called mapsource.

    Allows you to take in points from one sat nav.
    Save as a backup on your pc and transfer the ones you want to a new satnav

    works perfectly for me with varied model garmins.