Danske bank & Promontoria (Pluto) Limited

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  1. Cmc123

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    Hi folks

    google doesn't return anything, so wondering if anyone here might know -

    Anyone know what Cerberus/Promontoria paid for their Pluto portfolio?
    Any details of what portfolio contained (not entirely mortgages from what I understand).

  2. Lone Star

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    Mortgages - Performing ones and those in arrears. I would also imagine Buy to let and also non secured loans. Residual debt on for example Buy to lets would likely have sold for 6% (netting the bank 3%). Danske are 'saying' that the likes of tracker mortgages would have sold for much more than would be thought!! It's unlikely that such sale figures would be made known. Project Pluto managed by KPMG. Are you with Danske Cmc123? That's as much as I know. Lonestar
  3. Cmc123

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    Cheers. Yes I had an srv mortgage with danske. Investment property. Will make Cerberus/capita an offer shortly. Trying to determine a fair price is not easy though. "Market sensitive" information was the term used by danske when asked.
  4. newtothis

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    Did you make an offer? If so, was it accepted? What was the discount?