Damp on top floor of apartment

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by LouisCribben, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. LouisCribben

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    I live in the top floor of an apartment (built in 1986).
    I notice damp coming in from outside in the corners of the walls touching the outside.

    The roof looks in perfect shape.
    What is the likely cause of the damp, (the problem started to happen about a year ago).

    Would such a problem normally require a roofing specialist to remedy it.

    What aspect of the roof would most likely need repairing, and how much effort would it normally take ?
  2. sparkeee

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    check the guttering and downpipes.
  3. LouisCribben

    LouisCribben Frequent Poster

    Would I be correct in saying that even if the guttering and down pipes are not clear, that damp should still not happen ?

    I know nothing about roofing, but should everything not be completely waterproof regardless of what's going on with the guttering.

    The guttering was cleaned 6 months ago, it's not easy to check it because I'm on the third floor.

    I'll get someone to check it again

  4. DavyJones

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    If a down pipe isn't connected properly and water is hitting one point of a wall, it will soak through after time. If a slate or tile is loose, water may be getting blown under it when it is windy/rainy. Is there a down pipe in that corner?