1. Westbound

    Westbound Guest

    Am toying with the idea of going here for a holiday, in particular, Paphos.

    Has anyone been to Cyprus/Paphos?

    If so, would you recommend it or avoid it?
  2. Limassol

    Hi Westbound,
    I went to Limassol for a week in October 2002. Limassol was ok, few good shops in the centre. Beach was clean but because the port was nearby huge big tankers used to come quite close to the shore, I don't know how clean the water was, although it looked clean enough.
    The accomadation said three star but I would rate it as two star and thought the standard was quite low. Might be better to pay more for somewhere with 4 stars etc.

    Also took a trip up to the waterpark in Aiya Napa, which was brilliant fun and the definite highlight of the week. The beach at Aiya Napa is beautiful, crystal clear water and perfectly golden sand.

    It's easy enough to get around the island, the roads are in excellent condition for driving and touring.
  3. Meant to say as well, that it is an expensive place to eat out, so bring plenty of cash.
  4. Westbound

    Westbound Guest

    Thanks for that!

    When you say expensice what would you pay for a good meal?

    On the beer-o-meter of all things affordable, how much is a bottle of beer?
  5. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite Guest


    Hi Westbound

    I live in Paphos and have done so for the past 5 years.

    Avoid July and especially August as it does become unbearably hot and humid. I usually try to leave the island during this time.

    Beer is about CYP 1 for a pint (Keo the local brew)

    If you're looking for a sun holiday this is as good as any.

    Stick with the good 4 star hotels of which there are quite a few and you will enjoy it.