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    I am looking at a Middle East cruise holiday in March (as have 10 days of work that need to be taken ASAP) and considering some offers. All appear to charge double if I go as a solo traveler ... total 1 night city hotel 7 night cruise c. €2000 and what would a neutral person do in this situation ? Also - pay extra €200 for balcony ? Based on above I expect total would be €3k incl ‘pocket money’ ...

    Travel agent also suggested a Med cruise solo in March - 1200 total (inside cabin) - again expect total with pocket money €2k ... no city overnight needed as fly direct and home ...

    Any advice - need to decide early this week
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    Check prices on and cruisecritic. However, so early in the season will mean your choice of lines will be limited.
    A balcony is nice but in March on the Med not really necessary.
    There are usually lots of outdoor areas on board where you can sit/lie and enjoy the hopefully sunny weather.