CRO offences


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Thinking of opening a company. First thought - trying to get to know how to stay in compliance with all rules - there is many of them.

Found a good source of a basic information reg. to things that are classified as offences: 29 v3.pdf

Was not able to find answers to 2 questions tough:

1) If a company stops trading - are these still enforceable? - i guess so otherwise it would not make much sense
2) Time limitations for Category 3 - Summary offense - the ones that people might comonly commit


Which says that it should be withing 6 months since the offence is committed.

I though that it should be 10 years under Revenue Acts:

But I cannot find Companies Act 2014 there. Companies Act 2014 itself does not describe it - which is super interesting as well.

Can anybody help me finding a right source of information reg. above?

p.s. I'm intrested in corporate law - can somebody recommend some literature? -

Thanks in advance