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    My wife was due to fly airarrean today to Portmouth. at the last min. she had to cancel. For a fee of €25 we were able to change the booking to June. would not be able to do the same with ryanair.
    fair dues.
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    Similar experience with BMI last year. Missed our flight ex-Dublin (entirely through her own fault...! ;) ) — and they rebooked us on the first flight out the following morning...

    Dr. M.
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    Yes, well done aerarran,
    I got a refund for a flight from Dublin to Kerry International Airport.
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    glad to see that some airlines look after their passengers even if I think it may have something to do with that hugh handout they receive per passenger. If you dont fly do they still get the subsidised by the government? if so they are really smilling. You book a flight, you cancel the booking for whatever, and they claim a couple of hundred € for the empy seat. Not a bad deal.
  5. PSO

    It doesn't work like that. There is no such thing as a fixed subsidy per passenger. The airlines get (more correctly, they tender for) a fixed sum to operate a certain number of PSO (public service obligation) flights per day. EG Aer Arann will get say €X million pa to operate 3 flights per day between Dublin and Kerry. Their income then consists of that fixed PSO subsidy plus their ticket sales revenue. It doesnt matter how many tickets they sell, the PSO subsidy remains the same. Opponents of the of the PSO assistance to the regional airports often quote the PSO figure divided by the number of passengers as the "Subsidy per seat". This gives the misleading impression that the airlines get that figure for every EXTRA passenger they carry.
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    the empty chair

    Thanks. Dipping. Makes more sense. You can change your tickets on Ryanair over the net but it can be very expensive. I had tickets for Paris in December (01c each plus extras) couldn't go and it was better to let them go and book again for new dates. Thats the downside of taking a chance on a cheapie but you pays your money etc etc. Easy Jet also let you change over the net and they are a lot cheaper to Nice than A/L ( sorry Tharg) and I am thinking of a city break there later in the year, Hopefully I won't need to check out their rebooking arrangements.