Key Post Credit Union dividend: Whats Yours in 2010(?)

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    Due to the financial regulator insisting Credit Unions put more money aside for bad loads dividends for 2010 have been slashed across the sector.

    I am interested to know what Credit Unions pay what dividend.

    Therefore, if you know yours can you add it to this thread please....

    Ballyphehane, Cork| 0.5%
    Douglas, Cork| 0%
    Sandymount| 1.25%
    Newbridge| 1.5%
    Wexford| 0%
    Firhouse| 0.67%
    Sixmilebridge, Co Clare| 0.5%
    Cobh, Co Cork| 1.25%
    Enniscorthy| 0.5%
    Coill Dubh, Co Kildare| 1%
    Castlebar| 1%
    The Lough, Cork| 0.5%
    Midleton/Carrigtohill| 0.5%
    Ballinlough, Cork| 0%
    Stillorgan| 0%
    Fermoy Co Cork| 0%
    Balbriggan| 0.25%
    Bishopstown, Cork| 0.4%
    Gurranabraher, Cork| 0.5%
    Dunleer, Co Louth| 1.25%
    St. Jarlaths, Tuam| 0.532%
    St. Patricks (ESB)| 2%
    Baldoyle & Portmarnock| 0%
    Ballyjamesduff| 0%
    Civil Service| 2%
    Swords| 0.5%
    Rathfarnham| 0.6%
    ASTI| 1%
    DUBCO| 1.5%
    Irish Times| 1.5%
    Larkhill| 1.75%
    A.N.S.A.C| 2%
    Ind News & Media| 1.5%
    RTE| 1.75%
    An Post| 2.5%

    Black Raven| 2.5%
    Gorey| 0.5%
    Ballyfermot| 1%
    Tullow, Co Carlow| 1%
    Ashbourne| 0.1%
    Clonmel| 1.5%
    Clogherhead Co Louth| 0%
    B&S, Ballybofey| 1%
    Portarlington Co Laois| 0%
    Community (Dublin)| 0.25%
    Skerries, Co Dublin| 0.1%
    Charleville Co. Cork| 0%
    Blanchardstown| 1%
    Trinity, Dublin 13| 1%
    Castleblaney, Co Monaghan| 1%
    Dundrum| 0%
    New Ross| 0.5%
    Clondalkin| 0.5%
    Claremorris| 1.5%
    Mulcair, Co Tipperary| 1%
    Tralee| 1%
    Ardee, Co Louth| 1.5%
    Walkinstown| 0.75%
    Drumcondra| 0%
    Phibsboro| 1%
    St. Michaels, Blackrock Cork| 0%
    Ennistymon, Co Clare| 0.25%
    Bagnelstown, Carlow| 0.25%
    Blackrock, Co Dublin| 0.5%
    Kells, Co Meath| 0.25%
    Sundrive| 1.75%
    Tullamore| 0.75%

    Edit: I have added a table to the original post and as more people add to the thread I will continue to add to the table.
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    credit union dividend statistics 2010


    Good thread and should be linked to by posters if it is to be added to.

    Here's how it's looking so far:

    <0.50%........... 47%
    <1.00%........... 70%
    <1.50%........... 84%
    >1.50%........... 16%

    Translating to the sector,
    one in five will not pay a dividend = 82
    47% will pay zero or below .50% = 193
    70% will pay zero or below 1.0% = 287

    One could imagine the slow run picking up pace in the new year as others declare their dividend rates or are directed to delay their AGM's by the central bank.
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    Milltown Clonskeagh Credit Union -12/01/2011

    Where is annual report? In the post.
    Where is dividend? - Hopefully, we will pay it in February, there is a delay, something to do with the Government.
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    St Michaels Credit Union, Blackrock, Cork do not propose a dividend for year ended Sept 2010
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    credit union dividend payouts worsen

    Stats as of today:

    Data Set
    21% paying zero rate
    44.4% paying less than .50%
    72.6% paying less than 1.0%
    88.7% paying less than 1.50%
    7% paying more than 1.50%

    Extrapolation to 410 credit unions (allow for rounding)
    86 paying zero rate
    182 paying less than .50%
    298 paying less than 1.0%
    364 paying less than 1.50%
    46 paying more than 1.50%
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    Kells, Co. Meath

    Dividend = 0.25%

    Deposit interest = 0% (this applies to normal deposits, not term deposits)
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    Sundrive Credit Union

    Dividend = 1.75%
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    Tullamore 0.75%
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    hey does anyone know whats the story with main street cavan Credit Union....??? they doin't seem to know when the interest is going to be paid!!

    any help would be great.
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    does anybody know if milltown/clonskeagh paid a dividend for 2010,and do the still have a death benefit insurance , as dundrum had zero dividend and stopped the the death benefit. thank you in anticipation.

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    Edenderry 0.50% for the last 1 or 2 years I understand
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    Credit Union Dividends and Central Bank at risk profile

    The dividend payout rates and profile of 2010 dividends along with recent Central Bank figures on at risk credit unions are illustrated here

    These are numbers for 2010. With this years annual accounting period drawing to a close at the end of Sept it's expected that the numbers of at risk credit unions will increase as the effects another year of substantial loan losses feed through. There is another problem with new loan demand and issues which have dramatically declined since 2009. Unless a cu makes new loans of one third of its loan book each year - its loan book shrinks. This means that core income earning assets (loans) are shrinking impacting interest income. Add to this loan modifications and the effect is to hollow out the loan book. The only way to reverse this effect is to make new loans and reduce operating costs - two issues that will challenge credit unions.
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    Edenderry y/e 30/09/2011 dividend of zero%
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    Kilkenny Canices Credit Union Paid .25%
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    Carrickmacross, Monaghan. Zero dividend.
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    Killarney Credit Union y/end 2011 - 0%
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    OT posts deleted.

    2011 dividend rates here only.
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    We didn't seem to do this for 2011?