Court report on getting a PRTB determination implemented


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I have been a tenant for about 16 of the past 21 years, and prior to RTB the law was that notice was required, but in practice a lot of the evictions I saw around me were for extreme anti-social behaviour (such as kicking in all the doors, and next door's doors also) so landlords gave literally days to "get out" to avoid dealing with police. Another guy "stank the place out" and I think was given a month to leave (same landlord). Saw one or two more that were non payment of rent but in those cases tenant went quickly enough having been given a week or two to leave having a few months arrears. I was almost evicted a couple of times in UK due to rent arrears but they were literally days or weeks late rather than months - it seemed to be a more rigorous system but in the past it wasn't uncommon for landlords to turf out tenants for relatively minor problems. PRTB certainly helped tenants but not more deserving ones from what I saw.