VHI Couple with 2 adult children.

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    My friend got the following renewal quote and needs to cut costs.Renewal date 8/1/16

    Male 61 Health Plus Premium -----------needs good cover for Mater Private. 4247 Euro
    Female 53 Parents/kids plan ---------excellent health with no claims. 1730

    Daughter 28 Parents/kids------no problems 1730
    Son 22-Parents/kids--------no problems. 787

    The husband has type 1 diabetes for 40 years and is high risk

    Appreciate any suggestions.
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    Health Plus Premium is the best VHI plan with unlimited access to Mater Private, semi-private room. Price 3649pa.

    An alternative plan with Laya would fully cover upto and including a private room in the Mater Private, plus good day to day cover with a
    1 euro excess. Price is slightly higher 3803pa but depending on the amount of gp visits, consultant visits, dental etc he would have per
    year, it may be cost effective overall. I appreciate some people don't like changing provider, which is fine. Health Plus Premium is an
    excellent plan which ticks all the boxes re hospital cover, just showing an alternative to compare. Details as follows;

    1. Empower Create No Excess; price 3803pa; Public, private and hi-tech hospitals - all covered for a private room, no excess, good day to day
    cover included - no waiting applies to extra day to day cover, regardless of age.


    Wife 53; Daughter 28; Son 22;
    Parents and Kids Plan is a plan with no excess payable on admission or for a day case.
    The cheapest similar plan with no excess is as follows;
    1. One Plan Extra; price 1530pa; same hospital cover as before, no excess.

    However I would recommend the following 2 new VHI plans for the 3 people above. Details as follows;
    2. VHI PMI 43 16; price 1136pa; price for 22 yr old; 649pa;
    Public, private and hi-tech cover as before, 150 excess per private/hi-tech admission and 50 per private/hi-tech day case.
    Good day to day cover included with this plan. This extra day to day cover applies straight away to the 28 + 22 yr old, there would
    be a 1 year wait before extra day to day cover is allowable for wife 53 yrs. Current day to day cover would still apply while waiting 1 year,
    you never lose cover while waiting.

    If day to day cover is not important, the following plan would suit,
    3. PMI 44 16; price 1050; price for 22 yr old; 610pa;
    Public, private and hi-tech hospital cover as before, 150 excess per admission or day case, no day to day cover.

    Alternative with Laya healthcare, for wife, daughter and son, details as follows;
    4. Simplicity Plan; price 1087pa; price 22 yr old; 669pa;
    Public, private(including private room) and hi-tech hospitals covered, excess 100 x 2 max per year, day case excess 50. Day to day cover
    included - first 100 not allowed. No waiting applies to day to day cover for anyone, regardless of age.


    They can each choose different plans or providers if it suits.
    There are overall savings of 1000+ approx achievable by switching.

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