Cost to fit wooden flooring


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First time poster here.
Wondering if anyone could help with floor fitting pricing be much appreciated.

Currently getting the house revamped - sitting room, hall and two bedrooms flooring needs replacing.

Sitting room size 15 Square metres

Hall size only 6 Square metres

Both bedrooms are 35 Square metres

Was offered 180 for the sitting room fit (excluding the material). Trying to get it down to 150 per room and 100 for a small hall fit so 550 for the full fit.

Am I been unrealistic or is this the norm, asking around few places theyll have other work including cabinet build and skirting etc, these will be other add ons.

Any advice or help would be taken on board.



Some guide prices for laminate here, but from 2014, hasn't gotten any cheaper since. Engineered or solid wood would be more expensive.

Are you removing skirting & architraves? Do doors need to be trimmed? Some of the budget flooring fitters won't do that.


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Hi Leo,

Thanks for the reply.
All the flooring and skirting is removed, architraves are staying put and no doors need trimming.

Interesting some of the price ranges on the link you provided, have a lad who's offering to fit the flooring for 15 per square metre excluding vat. Have barginstown offering to fit for 16 euro per square metre including vat (not getting ).
This lad is known to be good but trying to get down to 12 per square which I think be reasonable with all the skirting and flooring taken up.

Cheers for the link I'll take the prices on board.


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My knowledge on flooring and DIY is minimum. Should of stating this on my first post.

I've 2 k budget for flooring at most for 50 sq m. More expensive flooring for downstairs compare to cheaper in both bedrooms. Flooring for dummies to be Frank, just seeking any suggestions.


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Wow, you'd be in for a shock if I priced that job. It would be a heck of a lot more than €550. If the person has been recommended, that's a good deal. I wouldn't be looking to find the cheapest...

It's never really the size of the room if I'm pricing a job, it's the layout/shape of the rooms that has a bearing on the price, ie, the cutting angles and intricate shaping needed.
A small odd shaped room could cost more than a large square room.

Also, if going laminate, it's most important you use a very good quality underlay.


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Appreciate the advice, weighting my options regarding laminated flooring.

Offered 750 including a tiny amount of skirting, carpenter seems happy to accept..