Cost of 6 foot wall around acre site

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    Hi all, any idea of a cost of a 6foot wall around an acre site? Thanks I’m advance! Sue
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    An acre site is roughly 4,000m2, so if you say the site is twice as long as it is wide then that's a boundary of 270m.

    What type of wall are you aiming for, dry stone, block, brick etc?
  3. noproblem

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    Dig out foundation.
    Line with steel base, ie, rod iron.
    Readymix concrete for base.
    At least 6,500 x 6 ins solid blocks.
    4 Tonne + of cement.
    Lime or replacement for above mixing.
    Pillar capping.
    Wall capping.
    Then you have to decide if you want to plaster the wall or whatever. (Much more cement, etc.)
    JCB driver and labourer.
    Blocklayer and labourer.
    Painter, if you decide to go that route.
    Now, it's very possible that a good blocklayer who has the machinery would do all the above for you. Ask around, depending where you are and i've no doubt there'll be plenty that would take that job and give you a quote.
    I doubt (and hope) very much anyone on here will quote you for this without seeing the ground, etc.
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