Corporate Lets


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I own a 3 bed apartment in Grand Canal Dock near to the big internet companies.

I am about to rent the apartment for the first time.

I am not keen to do a traditional rental due to the risk of tenant issues. I know that AirBnB is largely not possible (from June 2019).

I am considering doing corporate lets. It seems like a good approach.

I have a few questions that I am hoping someone can help with ...

- Are corporate lets legal (post new short term let rules) assuming all tenants stay longer than 2 weeks (short term let is defined as under 2 weeks in the new laws)?
- Does anyone have experience with corporate lets? How did it go for you?
- Is there an easy way to contact companies to see if they would be interested? or are you better using a corporate let agent?



Check out the planning permission for that development along with the terms of the leasehold. In many cases they prohibit short term lets.


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I did one corporate let a number of years back to a large US pharma. It was challenging. The company used the property for their senior leadership which was sporadic in terms of occupancy. It resulted in items just being left "on" as the individual(s) left to catch a flight back home. The corporate client never sent anyone to "service" the property when guests vacated so we had issues with heating left running 24x 7 and water heating left on permanently. Lucky it wasn't more serious than having some repairs performed, but when invoices were submitted to the relevant department for payment, they fought everything.

I think if you are considering corporate lets, you need to clearly establish the rate/frequency/duration of occupancy to ensure your insurance isn't invalidated inadvertently if the property is unoccupied >30 days consecutively. Also you will absolutely require public liability insurance for the non-common/public areas of your property. You will need to establish a reliable mechanism that will allow you to inspect the property frequently.