Copy of Cheques made out to Cash


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Hi - I am wondering if I can get copies of cheques made out to cash showing both the front of the cheques (ie amount, cheque #l, signature etc) and the back (showing the signature of the person who cashed them)

It is very important that I can show the signature on the back- I am wondering if I ask the Bank for a copy of the cheque will they send me both front and back? If not is there any way I can get copies of the original cheques?


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If you made out a cheque on your bank account, the bank will send you a copy of the front and back.

They may well have a charge for it.



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bank have an obligation to store the physical paper for 3 years and the image for at least 6 years so they should be able to get this to you.


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If they were lodged via an ATM, there may be no signatures
In my experience, a cheque lodged via an ATM is also physically inspected by a member of staff to ensure it is valid, properly endorsed, etc.

I once lodged a cheque by ATM, payable to my wife and me, to an account in just my name. We had both signed the back. The lodgement was rejected on the basis it could only be lodged to an account in the joint names. The ATM didn't make that determination ;)


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Just unlucky, I'd guess - can't imagine every cheque lodged is visually checked by staff. Otherwise why bother with machine lodgements?


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Just unlucky, I'd guess.
That seems to be the case.

I enquired with AIB about lodging a cheque of €200 odd made payable to - The legal representative of Joe Bloggs deceased. I was told it could only be lodged to an executor account, I explained I was an executor and I did not have an executor account. I offered to bring the will naming me as executor to my branch if that was acceptable.

After checking with a manager, the lady came back and said no that would not be acceptable. I would have to open an executor account, lodge the cheque and when cleared I could withdraw the funds. Fair enough thanks.

I lodged it to my account in the ATM of my local branch, it went through without issue.
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