Coolkellure, Lehenaghmore

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  1. SarahP

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    Hi all,

    My boyfriend and I are first time buyers and are strongly considering purchasing a new build in Coolkellure, Lehenaghmore, Cork (ruden homes).

    Would anyone have any experience/information about the quality of the builds here?

    Also, do people think this is a nice/safe area to live in? As it is close to the airport, how disruptive would passing planes be?

    We have been looking at other new build in crosshaven, and carrigaline but as we have both always lived in the city we think Lehenaghmore would suit our lifestyles more.

    Any info would be much appreciated!
  2. fidelcastro

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    Hi Sarah, Cork Airport traffic isn't so huge to cause much of an issue in my humble opinion. I live in the Douglas area high up and passing planes are confined to morning / evening "rush" hour.
  3. MsCutha

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    Hi Sarah, just wondering if you went ahead with your purchase?
    We are considering buying in the same area.