Convert Gas single zone system to multizone

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by Chris2014, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Chris2014

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    Does anyone know if this is a big job and how much does it cost to separate upstairs and downstairs.

  2. Delboy

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    I had a plumber in a couple of weeks ago and he said it would be a big job...lifting some floor boards, putting in a new motor valve to zone off the upstairs rads etc (I'm hopefully phrasing him correctly here). So I left it and just went with other work I had him in for
  3. RedOnion

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    It really depends on your existing setup. I decided to separate zones when I had to get a new boiler. It turned out that the existing plumbing supported zoning - I had valves in the hot press that I could manually turn off for example if I wanted radiators all off but continue to heat water.
    The plumber was able to replace these with motorised valves. There was a lot of cables to run, but it didn't need additional plumbing work, or ripping up floorboards.