Convert a Co-op to Limited Company

Discussion in 'Askaboutbusiness' started by picene, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Does anyone know how a Coop could be converted to a Limited company and what would be involved?
    Any links/info gratefully accepted.
  2. Brendan Burgess

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    Re: Convert a Coop to Limited Company

    This would be a very technical area.

    The ICOS will tell you.

    A few of the Co-ops such as the Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society, Kerry Coop and Avonmore, seemed to hive off their assets into Plcs and issue shares to their members.

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    Re: Convert a Coop to Limited Company

    Brendan is correct by saying its a technical area. The reason being is that Co-Ops are incorporated and governed by The Friendly Society whereas Limited Companies are governed by the Companies Registration Office. To the best of my knowledge, i don't know if you can convert a Coop to a Ltd Co. I think it would involve something along the line of striking off the CoOp and registering a new company.

    If you contact The Friendly Society on Parnell Square, they should be able to tell you more.