Contractor Entitled to Dole??

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    My brother has been an I.T. contractor for a number of years. He has his own company of which he is the sole Director. The company invoices the 3rd Party for his services and he gets his salary from the company paying PAYE, PRSI etc. on it.
    His current contract will be terminated at the end of this month and he is wondering if he is entitled to any benefit payments - "dole" as he seeks a new position??

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    He should go and sign on as soon as the contract finishes, whether or not he will be entitled to JSA or JSB.

    He will get JSB if his prsi contributions qualify him, did he pay class A or class S ?

    He may get JSA on a means tested basis.

    But he needs to sign on even if he gets nothing. If he doesn't his prsi contributions for JSB will go out of date. It also has an effect on the right to a contributory OAP
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