Considerations for extension as a unit to let

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    I am considering converting the attached garage at the side of the house into a unit I can let as a stand-alone dwelling.
    It will have a small kitchen, bathroom and a living / sleeping area.
    It will have its own front door and own electricity supply.
    Also own post box I am thinking.
    So essentially, it is a new "house"

    What should I be considering when it comes to the above?
    As the number will be 132A, where my house is 132, will it be subject to property tax?
    Does it need to be actually registered as a property, or just get the tenant to use 132A and hope the postman picks up on it.
    Will I have to pay second property tax?
    Is the separate electric supply a complex thing, or should I maybe have a prepay box in the unit and have it connected to my own supply, possibly making a small gain on my own bill.
    Should I get the water supply also separated?
    So many more questions!!
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    You need to start with the regs. The dwelling you intend to create will need to be big enough, with enough garden space to satisfy all current building regulations as a separate dwelling. Just converting a garage won't cut it. You will not get permission for a granny-flat type arrangement that you can let, these can only be occupied by a direct family member of the main occupier of the house, and no charge may be applied.

    So as a separate dwelling, it will need it's own connections to all services and utilities (including electricity, gas, water, wastewater) and will attract property tax.

    So you need to look at the space available, look around to see if anyone else has built a new dwelling to the side of their property, and you need to talk to your local authority to assess whether you have any chance of getting permission.
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    Save your money.
    You will
    Not get permission for a stand alone
    Unit to the side unless all open space requirements can be met, Parking, distance to adjoining boundaries etc

    Basically it’s an application for a. Ew dwelling.

    If you extend or build a granny flat (which still requires planning) one of the conditions printed on the planning grant is that it cannot be seaparated and let a separate unit. It will also require a permanent access between the main house and the new extension.