Connect TV to wifi for Sky

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Monbretia, 19 Nov 2018.

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    You're absolutely right @dub_nerd , must have been having a "senior moment" ;)

    However in my defence I was on the Screwfix site at the time and just did a search for "Ethernet cable", this was the first that popped up and looked in the spec. and this is what it said:-
    • Brand : Philex
    • Cable Code : 76702HS
    • Product Length : 3000 mm
    • Cable Product Type : Ethernet
    • Cable Length : 3 m
    Never looked at the plug type in pic, but rather stupidly took them at their word.

    Well spotted !:D
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    Yeah, I noticed it came up in a search for Ethernet. They must get lots of returns. :)