Connect TV to wifi for Sky


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<snip> DO NOT BUY THE CABLE that SparkRite linked above (sorry SparkRite). That's a phone/modem cable with RJ11 connectors. You need an Ethernet cable, with RJ45 connectors. <snip>
You're absolutely right @dub_nerd , must have been having a "senior moment" ;)

However in my defence I was on the Screwfix site at the time and just did a search for "Ethernet cable", this was the first that popped up and looked in the spec. and this is what it said:-
  • Brand : Philex
  • Cable Code : 76702HS
  • Product Length : 3000 mm
  • Cable Product Type : Ethernet
  • Cable Length : 3 m
Never looked at the plug type in pic, but rather stupidly took them at their word.

Well spotted !:D


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A bit of a dated thread but just thought I'd update. Never got around to looking for a cable etc but as it happens my Sky broke two weeks ago, no pic and a week long wait for an engineer. Anyway when he came it turned out there was water in the cable and it had gone into the box so he had to replace it with the nice spanking new one that works on the wifi. :)

So problem solved, I now have catch up tv which I wanted plus I have extra channels but that's because of course I did the usual when told of the 60 euro call out fee and rang cancellations. I got seriously reduced fee, reduced monthly payment and extra channels. Mind you I have to keep it for a year but that's ok as it will give me time to research FTA and I will be ready to get rid of Sky altogether next year hopefully.