Comreg fail to investigate Eir

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    submitted two complaints to Eir

    1. Phone / broadband contract
    When I complained to Eir they disconnected service. They then sent bill for broken contract. We then complained to Comreg. They claimed they had similar difficulty in receiving any responses from Eir. They reassured us that the case was being progressed and there was no need to send monthly requests for update. We received no response for 5 years. Then a debt collector letter who advised they had purchased the ‘debt’ When we queried with Eir and Comreg, they explained they held no records as they had both intentionally deleted.

    2. Mobile accounts - credit balances
    With Eir for closed accounts. Despite multiple requests to Eir no responses. Comreg was advised in January 2018 and no follow up.

    Has anyone experienced similar conduct from Eir/ Comreg. Is Comreg working for Eir or Independent ?